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RGB Buttons

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Image of RGB Buttons
  • Image of RGB Buttons
  • Image of RGB Buttons
  • Image of RGB Buttons

The RGB Buttons kits allows you to illuminate the buttons in an Original Game Boy(DMG). You can use clear silicone buttons or clear plastic buttons.

This is kit is compatible with:
- RGB Switches
- Case LEDs
- Any other RGB backlights and RGB LED kits by Thursday Customs or Kitsch-Bent

Choose your color:
Yellow = red + green
Cyan = green + blue
Pink = red + blue
White = red + green + blue

Or use the RGB Switches kit to change the colors whenever you like.

Order Options:
- Full Kit: PCBs and clear silicone buttons.
- Basic Kit: PCBs ONLY. Provide your own clear plastic or silicone buttons.

*PCB = printed circuit board. when this abbreviation is used here it means assembled with components(LEDs & resistors)*

Installation guide is in the last picture. Open in new tab for full size.