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About Us & FAQ

About Us:

Thursday Customs was established in 2011.

We've built well over 400 custom Game Boys!

We also do repairs and other video game and chip music related modifications as well as supplying some of the best DIY kits in the world!

All our work is guaranteed to be exactly what you asked for. If you get something that is not right or you're not happy with it we will do everything possible to make it right!



Game Boy Models:

DMG: Dot Matrix Game Boy. This is the original Gameboy in all of it's colors.

PIL: Play-It-Loud. These are the DMGs with shells colored other than grey. There is no other significant difference from the grey DMG.

MGB: Game Boy Pocket. This is the smaller version of the original Game Boy in many different colors.

CGB: Game Boy Color. The 2nd generation of Game Boy with a color display and faster processor.

AGB: Game Boy Advance. The 32 bit system. Backwards compatible with all Game Boy Carts.

Backlight/Frontlight: The Game Boy Original, Pocket, Color and Advance do not have lit LCDs. No viewing in the dark! A backlight can be added to the Original Game Boy(DMG) or the Game Boy Pocket(MGB). A frontlight can be added to the Game Boy Color(CGB) or the Game Boy Advance. Front and backlighting serve the same purpose but the LCD design is different in these models. You can choose many different colors for a backlight but a frontlight may only be clear as the LCD is in color.

Invert: For DMG and MGB. This changes black to white and white to black on your LCD. This can sometimes give you a higher contrast depending on the color of backlight but will be difficult to see in full daylight vibrant in the dark.

Bi-vert: This is a dual inversion. The polarizer is inverted and the data going to the LCD is also inverted canceling each for a "normal" display but giving an incredibly high contrast. This mod will make the LCD difficult to see in full daylight but incredibly vibrant in the dark!

RGB: This stands for red, green, blue. With the backlight panel, 3 switches will be installed so that you can individually turn on or off red, green and blue allowing you up to 7 different colors; red, green blue, yellow, cyan, pink and white.

RGBss(backlit start and select buttons) and RGB Case LEDs use the same method and are compatible.

Backlit buttons: These are clear silicone buttons that can be backlit with an LED kit. You can also choose to pair this up with the RGB backlight so that when you change the color of the backlight the color of the buttons will match. It looks great!

Prosound: This is a line-level out mod for a clean, boosted signal for recording and playing live. There are 4 versions of pro-sound mod that we can install in a Game Boy(not including Advance at this time):

Internal: This uses the stock headphone jack so that no additional holes need to be drilled. Headphones will be very quiet in this jack as it is no longer powered by the internal headphone amp.

1/8": This is an added jack so that your headphone jack is still useable.

RCA: Again, additional jack. Headphone jack will still work.

1/4": Additional jack. Headphone jack will still work.

The stock speaker will always remain functioning with this modification.

All of these can be installed in a DMG at once.

Only 1/8" or "internal" will be installed in the Game Boy Color(CGB) or Pocket(MGB).

All of the propound mods give the same sound quality but can be used for different cables. Only one prosound should be used at once.

Variable Clock: The DMG clock runs at about 4.19mhz. The CGB runs at twice that speed. With the flip of a switch the variable clock kit allows you to turn a knob to change the speed of your Game Boy from incredibly low speeds to more than twice the Game Boys normal speed. Not only does this effect the speed, it also effects the pitch of the sound. Slower=lower. Faster=higher.

This is great for gaming by speeding up an RPG or slowing down a fast paced game. The other advantage is being able to make incredible sounds that the Game Boy would otherwise not be capable of.

Half/normal clock: WIth the flip of a switch you can cut the Game Boys speed in half which will also give you exactly one octave lower pitch.

Start pedal jack: This is a simple 1/8" jack that is wired up to the start button. A pedal and an 1/8" cable can be included. If you are using LSDj and playing another instrument this can be very helpful for starting your sequencer while your hands are busy.

PS2 socket: If you are using LSDj as your music software then with this mod you can take a computer keyboard with the round DIN plug and use it like a piano! Although only one key may be played at once you can still use tables and both pulse channels to preset the interval for a one key chord. This mod is an extension of the link port.

Kitsch-Bent low battery indicator: This is an LED that will light up to warn you when your battery drops too low. This will save you the headache of loosing your save data or having your batteries die during a live set.