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  • Image of USB-Boy

The USB-Boy is back and better than ever with a huge price drop!
A new and improved case with gorgeous mode labeling.
This wood pattern is extremely limited and only available for a limited time!

This is a USB interface for the Nintendo Game Boy.
It can be used to send and receive MIDI data and clock sync signals over USB to and from a Nintendo Game Boy and your favorite DAW or music software.
The entire unit measures 2" x 1.3" wide by 0.6" tall.

Now offering a starter bundle with an mGB(MIDI Game Boy) cartridge and USB cable for only $80! This will allow you to use your Game Boy with a DAW and a USB keyboard right away. You just need to supply a link cable.

If you would like to sync 2 Game Boys with just one USB-Boy you can also order a 2xGB link cable in the drop down menu.
Please use the contact form before ordering a custom link cable to choose what kind of link cable plugs will be used.

Based on the teensyboy project by NoizeInaBox and the arduinoboy project by Trash80.

Check out the setup and basic use guide and crib sheet to learn how to get started and how to use modes and MIDI CCs.

Need a USB Cable? Here's a good one to match!

Here's a great article on what the USB-Boy can do!

Here's a great demonstration video by Max Dolensky of ohmnohmnohm.com

Based on the hard work of Noizeinabox and Trash80