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SGB Clock Fix

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Image of SGB Clock Fix
  • Image of SGB Clock Fix
  • Image of SGB Clock Fix
  • Image of SGB Clock Fix

*DO NOT install if you're using LSDJ. LSDJ has been coded to work around the clock flaw by correcting pitch and speed. This kit is only for accurate gaming.*

Did you know that the Super Game Boy cartridge is out of tune?

The Super Game Boy runs games about 2.4% faster than an original Game Boy because it doesn’t have its own crystal oscillator circuit.

With this kit your SGB cart will play your Game Boy games as they were intended to be played.

Installation instructions are in the last photo.
Also check out this thorough installation video for specific techniques:

You can also order a Super Game Boy cartridge with this modification installed.
These are ready to ship immediately.

If you have your own SGB that you would like fixed you can send it in to be tuned. Send us an email through the contact form for this service.